Board EO Belgium

I’m Michael De Decker, current president of EO Belgium and member since 2017. Together with my sister I run the family business in inbound contact centers, focused on health care and industry. EO has given me so much value over the years by connecting me withvery close peers and learnings in and out of my comfort zone.

Michael De Decker
Michael De Decker

President EO Belgium

I’m a global citizen, life long learner and a mother of three. I’m the founder of NUE, a fine jewelry brand dedicated to ethically crafting pieces using sustainable materials. I joined EO to meet, grow and share experiences with fellow entrepreneurs. As the marketing and communications co-chair for EO Belgium, I hope to bring our community closer together.

Priyanka Mehta

Marcom Chair

EO Belgium helps me to become the best possible version of myself, not only to be an inspiring leader to my colleagues but also to be a good husband to my wife and a great father to my children.

As a wise Greek philosopher once said, it’s not what happens to us that defines us but how we react to it!

As Learning Chair, I aim to maximize EO value for every Chapter member.

Adriaan Mertens
Adriaan Mertens

Learning Chair

Filip Smet founded his first IT company at the age of 23, which grew into Lemon holding. A group with more than 160 employees and a turnover of + 35 million euros.
Recently he started AMOTEK technologies. AMOTEK helps other companies to analyse and implement IT systems, gives general business advice and invests in startups. Striving for general growth of that company.

Filip Smet
Filip Smet

Amotek Technologies
Membership Chair

EO supports me in successfully running and expanding my businesses.

From July 2021 onwards I took up the role of Forum Chair to ensure all of our members enjoy a magnificent forum experience.

Dominique van der Velden
Dominique van der Velden

Anders Beton
Forum Chair